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Certified Passive House Consultant

Blog – Looking for a concrete set of principles to guide your net zero building process?  Passive House is the place.  Structured with a scientifically rigorous mathematical backbone, Passive Houses integrate the best that modern building science has to offer. The Passive House Institute of the U.S. (PHIUS) is a forward-looking organization.  Passive Houses provide high levels of comfort, safety, and durability.  But how? 

Planet earth is characterized by significant variation of climates.  From the most inhospitable frigidity of the poles, to the unbearable heat of equatorial deserts.  Because human habitat extends into these extreme environments, shelter is a supercritical element for human survival.   We need places to live.

Most of the world’s population resides in climates a bit less extreme than deserts and polar regions.  People, however, still seek comfortable, safe, and durable shelter.

The 5 Priciples that drive Passive House Ideology


What is Passive House methodology aiming to achieve?  

Global domination?  Global liberation?  Alter the course of human history? Perhaps.

PHIUS aims to provide increased comfort, value, safety and durability through thoughtful design, energy efficiency,  and high-level execution. 


For more information on Passive House, please visit, or reach out your local Certified Passive House Consultant.

W.D. PRICE, Inc., offers Certified Passive House Consulting services to residential & commercial clients, builders, and architects.  We are a member of Passive House Massachusetts